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Harley Quinn's Vegan Hot Cocoa

Gotham City's finest hot cocoa, by none other than the Maiden of Mischief!


Cocoa powder


Vanilla Extract

Dairy free milk



Dairy free whipped cream

Candy canes



  1. Put cocoa, sugar, vanilla extract, and water in a sauce pan

  2. Put on low heat until chocolate looks thick and bubbly

  3. Add in milk and stir until fully combined (about 1 minute)

  4. Pour hot cocoa into your favorite mug!

  5. Add toppings of your choosing

  6. Enjoy!

Measurements (for one cup of hot cocoa)

-If you are making more then one cup-adjust accordingly-

1 tbs Cocoa

1 tbs Sugar

1 1/2 tbs water

1 cup milk (8 fl oz)

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Alternatives/ Substitutions :

If you like your cocoa super sweet, make with 2 tbs of sugar per cup instead of 1 (I wasn't born with a sweet tooth).

You can also use oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, or dairy milk!

Other toppings for fun: peanut butter, coconut, or cinnimon!

I hope you enjoyed my Harley Quinn Hot Cocoa! If you test this out, please let me know how it worked for ya! Feel free to tag me in your posts on instagram/ facebook/ tiktok @sweetheart.harley (please check out my youtube also!)

Love always,

<3 Sweetheart Harley


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