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Hand Made Couture Fashion and Cosplays: Exclusive 50% Off Sale!

I hope you all had an absolutely spectacular Thanksgiving and are ready to shop for everyone you love (and grab yourself a few things as well ;) ).

EVERYTHING, and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G is up to 50% off right now! From hand made couture fashion, cosplays, props, and more, save on every item! This deal is exclusive and only lasts through 11/27/2023 and will not happen again with the current stock of products! This is our biggest sale EVER and may be the only one, so if you see something snatch it up; all items are limited and exclusive so once they're gone, they're gone.

Take a peek at my newest cosplays and hand made couture items that are available for this holiday season only! These are all AUTOMATICALLY up to 50% off so no need to enter any codes!

The Quadrille Éclat Collection  of 4 corsets all hand made by Haus of Harleen and Harleen Middleton. These are now available for sale.
The Quadrille Éclat Collection full view

Launched on Black Friday is the The Quadrille Éclat Collection !! This is a 4-piece, hand made couture corset collection designed and made by me! Every corsets internal structure is based off the 1800-early 1900's steel boning and stiff double interfacings (so pretty much the classic ' can't breath if it's too tight corset). These are meticulously made so they last a very long time.

You can get them this weekend for $315 each (regularly $350) or the entire collection and save over $200! These are exclusive and extremely limited in quantity.

75%  off all inquiries for couture, fashion, and cosplays  today only!
75% off all inquiries today only!

Last but not least, save 75% on ALL inquiries for custom work (it takes me over 50 hours sometimes to create the concept pdf and quote so this is a really great deal (for you, not me, I'm a slave to the craft LOL). Get a quote on everything from a cosplay, prop, and fashion to hand made couture.

All the money I make goes directly into funding my New York Fashion Week showcase so anything you order is greatly appreciated!

I have been working for a long time on something I will hopefully reveal in the next few weeks so subscribe below to stay updated.

Cheers to the continuation of an ever growing dream!

Love Always,


Picture of Harleen Middleton, professional cosplayer and couture designer in a holiday outfit  showing sales of 50% off
Sales Everywhere!