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Happy Harleydays (Win Over $500 Worth of Harley!)

Seasons greetings and happy Harleydays!!

I hope your holiday season has been full of joy and happiness so far! To thank you all for following/ subscribing/ supporting me I have been holding a raffle to win over $500 worth of Harley in my Very Un-Merry Massacre giveaway!

You can enter at the link above and see all the prizes (provided by me!) including a handmade Harley snow globe, Joker Christmas keychain (Funko), DC Direct Harley Quinn Red, White, & Black (J. Scott Campbell) Statue), and much, MUCH more!

If you want to share the holiday giving and get me something, the best thing is to help fund my cosplay materials so I can keep doing what I love! You can find my full wish list right here: Dear Krampus, I Promise I've Tried My Best This Year.

It wouldn't be a Harleyday without some new cosplays! Incase you've missed them on my Instagram or Tiktok (including a SFX look and items from my couture line Dress for Dopamine ):

ALL of these are 100% hand made by me with my own designs and you can custom order them from Dress for Dopamine!

I have brand new merchandise coming in the new year and some amazing stuff under wraps so subscribe to the Harleyverse to never miss an update and as always if you could follow my on my social medias I would be forever grateful <3

I hope you have the most magical holiday that could ever exist! In the words of Harley Quinn, “Merry Christmas mugger! Merry Christmas homeless santa! Merry Christmas pervert! And most of all, Merry Christmas Commissioner Gordon!” (DC’s Very Merry Multiverse 2020).

Happy Holidays and love Always,

Sweetheart Harley

Both drawings below were created by me from concept to execution <3

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