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Harleen Middleton fearlessly embodies counterculture and amplifies voices on controversial societal issues often kept in the shadows. As an avant-garde in fashion, mental health advocacy, and domestic abuse, Middleton self-taught her way from costume design to haute couture. Her designs seamlessly fuse fashion styles from the 1800’s with urban underground streetwear and a touch of horror to shatter societal molds. As the stand-alone designer and seamstress at Haus of Harleen, her unconventional creations encourage embracing individuality and unfiltered self-expression through unique couture. Middleton’s collections, stemming from her own personal struggles with mental health and domestic violence, serve as a powerful platform, speaking for silenced voices and demanding change.


Retro Lovely Magazine: Halloween 2022, Masquerade 2023 (cover), Barbie issue / Lv23Magazine Issue: 28 (cover), 39 (cover), Halloween / Cygnus Issue 28 / Cosplay Zine September 2021 (cover), Holiday / Con Artist Mag Issue II / Cosplay Realm Magazine (2021-2023): 6 publications / Creative Cosplays Magazine (2020-2023): 14 publications 

Delirium: Cover


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