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Harley Cottontail (FanExpo recap and HUGE discount!)

Happy Easter! I hope the bunny has brought you all the goodies your heart desires (and your stomach!). April 17th ONLY sale of $20 off $75 or more on EVERYTHING using coupon EASTER22 at checkout (coupon is valid on Harleen Makeup as well!).

It wouldn't be a holiday without featuring one of my favorite holiday Harley variants!

This variant is for Harley Quinn 72 (rebirth) done by Frank Cho with the series written by the dynamic duo of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Speaking of Frank Cho, I got to meet him at FanExpo Philadelphia last weekend and even got a signed print (and very embarrassingly gave him my business card).

Speaking of FanExpo, to sum it up, it was one of the best experiences of my life. We traveled 4 hours just to meet Stephanie Phillips, the writer of Harley Quinn Infinite Frontier! Logically, I wore my IF cosplay after making some upgrades and modifications to it!

I have to say she is the SWEETEST and most kind individual I have ever met, she is absolutely amazing and I am truly so grateful for the experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She signed a few comics for me and I got the chance to sit front row and watch her be interviewed where she specified the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist which I THOROUGLY appreciated because most my my degree is in psychology!

Please enjoy these hysterical photos of us together (I couldn't resist the heart one).

It has been probably 2-3 of the worst months of my life and this day made days without sleep, endless hours of schoolwork, and unending stress completely worth it. Shout out to my queen, my inspiration, and an amazingly positive influence, Dr. Phillips (Yes- she does have a PhD!) She also has played ice hockey and is a Muay Thai fighter so she could probably break me in half with one arm.

Not only does she write Harley, she has countless comics she has written including Batman, Wonder Woman, and non-DC works like Devil Within, The Butcher of Paris, Descendant, A Man Among Ye, and her newest series Grim launches 5/11/2022! She also has coined the slogan "I killed comics in cold blood" and I am obsessed.

A side note: starting 5/24/2022 DC Comics is releasing DC Vs. Vampires: Killers and DC Vs. Vampires: Hunters and we are still waiting for the Harley Quinn Season 3 date to be announced but Zack Snyder did confirm he will be playing himself in the show via Twitter.

I will be posting a lost more frequently after this semester ends in 2-3 weeks so make sure to subscribe to the Harleyverse and check out all my social media here (I try and do Instagram lives once a week on Wednesdays!) :

I hope everyone has a relaxing week and holiday and I will talk to you soon!

Love always,

Sweetheart Harley