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Hiya and happy Sunday!

Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate! Did you know that Harley Quinn's dad is Jewish and her mom is Catholic? “My mom's Catholic, an' my dad's Jewish, so when I was a kid we had both Christmas and Hanukkah,” Pretty neat!

This week starts our 3- week Harley Quinn holiday cover spectacular! The first up is Harley Quinn (Rebirth) #33 (Variant cover is by Frank Cho and Sabrina Rich)!

Continue reading below for more!

This issue was released February, 2018 and is by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.

This issue starts off with a dark turn as Harley is at the funeral of a close friend and is comforted by our favorite red haired lady, Poison Ivy.

While coping with this sudden and heartbreaking change, Harley takes to some good ol' "noggin boppin" with the gals on her roller derby team.

While Harley is set up for a 1v1 match with Victoria Fit, Victoria casts a love spell and Harley is too distracted by her curves to fight back and trapped in her "ass-traction beam." Harley takes to blindfolding herself so Victoria can't mesmerize her and ends up taking down the whole roller rink with knives, mallets, and axes (including her opponent!).

This issue leaves us with Harley needing a break from life to grieve and heads out on a journey with Bernie the Beaver and Poison Ivy.

Although goofy and light-hearted at times, this issue gives us a look into Harley's grief and has an overlying message of how to deal with pain and the loss of a loved one.

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Love always,

<3 Sweetheart Harley

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