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New and Upcoming Harley Quinn Comics

Hello and happy Thursday! I hope you've had a relaxing week and are getting ready for the weekend!

I get a lot of questions about comics... and I mean A LOT (I love all your questions!).

I decided to compile this short list of Harley Quinn comics that are currently being released so you can snag them at any comic shop as they come out!

There is a huge benefit to getting comics when they release- you stay up to date, it gives you something to look forward to every month, and if you want to collect the comics you are paying list price and not the skyrocketed inflated prices (especially for those variant covers!)

Current Running Series:

  1. Batman White Knight presents Harley Quinn: At the time of writing this only issue 1 has come out (issue 2 release date is 11/24/2020). This series takes place in a world where the Joker is dead and Batman is in jail. It is a really cool spin on Harley's world and I highly recommend snagging this series as it comes out!

2. Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey : 1-3 issues have been released with 4 being set to release on 12/15/2020. Since breaking up with the Joker, Harley has avoided Gotham but a new offer she can't refuse comes up. Harley finds herself heading back to Gotham and meets up with her old pals from the Birds of Prey along the way. This is the newest series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor (creators of Harley Quinn New 52 and Harley Quinn Rebirth)!

3. Joker/ Harley Criminal Sanity : This series has released issues 1-6, with #7 being set for release on 1/19/2021. This is a darker series and takes us to a Gotham where heinous and gruesome murders have been taking place. Harley is a forensic psychologist and teams up with the GCPD in her obsession to hunt down the notorious serial killer; the Joker. I recommend this series to anyone who likes a more realistic take on comic books or those who are looking for a darker story in Gotham!

4. Suicide Squad (2019) : This series has released #1-10 with issue #11 set to release 11/25/2020. This comic takes us on a wild ride as Task Force-X (otherwise known as the Suicide Squad) go on a mission to neutralize a group of international super-terrorists, the Revolutionaries! This series will pump you up and get you excited for the new Suicide Squad movie releasing in 2021!


Releasing 1/05/2021 is Harley Quinn Future State! This 2 issue mini-series takes us years in the future of the DC Universe. Harley has been imprisoned and old villain's have taken over by the Magistrate and tap into Harley's memories. of Gotham villains. They think Harleys spirit is broken and defeated- but she is just warming up!

This is one of the most anticipated events for 2021 in the DC Universe and I suggest you join in on the fun!

Thanks for checking out my current and upcoming Harley Quinn series'! If you enjoyed this make sure to join the Harleyverse below and never miss an update!

Please check me out on instagram, tiktok, and facebook @sweetheart.harley!

Love always and stay safe out there,

<3 Sweetheart.Harley


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