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Comic of the Week (Thanksgiving Edition)

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

Sorry this comic of the week is slightly delayed, I've been sick lately and am approaching finals for the semester so I've been overwhelmingly busy! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to slow down and think about what we truly value in our lives.

I want to say I am so extremely grateful for each and every person who supports me, reads my blog, likes my posts, and takes the time to comment. I hope we can continue growing together and building a bigger platform to talk about, and put a spotlight on issues in the cosplay and comic community.

Anyways....THANK YOU <3 Here is my comic pick for this holiday week!

This is Harley Quinn #67 that released on November 6th, 2019. This comic features a Thanksgiving variant cover by Frank Cho.

"She’s bigger. She’s badder. She’s meaner. She’s Harley-er Quinn! And after accepting Lex Luthor’s offer, she’s waging a one-woman war on the Year of the Villain itself!"

Thank you for checking out my comic pick of the week and I hope you have a truly magical Thanksgiving (and if you don't celebrate or live outside the US, I hope you can take the time to slow down and remember what's important and what you are grateful for.)

As always please check me out on instagram, tiktok, and facebook @sweetheart.harley!

Love always,

-Sweetheart Harley

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