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Comic of The Week

Hello and happy December!

I hope you are all enjoying the magic of the season so far!

This weeks comic of the week is Harley Quinn (New 52) #19 (keep scrolling for more info!)

This was released on August 26th, 2015 by the dynamic duo of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. The beautiful Bombshell Variant cover you see was created by Ant Lucia (this is one of my favorite comic variants!).

This cover was later made into a statue, which is one of my favorite statues of all time! If you are a collector I highly suggest checking it out!

In this issue, the Gang of Harleys have been kidnapped, and of course instead of calling in the boys in blue, Harley takes it upon herself to get them back!

The gang has been taken by a sea captain who gets seasick and disappears in the ship. Upon emerging from the quarters, the captain has lost his pants to which he replies in one of the most iconic New 52 moments,

Sea Saptain: "Lemme be explainin' it to ye pesky sea cows! I dropped anchor. I built a beaver dam in my pants. I bombed the porcelain sea. I scatter bombed the lower deck. I slopped some gruel in oliver's bowl. I ejected the wrap coil, I disposed of an unlikely traveler."

Harley: "We'll your about ta make all of us paint the boat deck with pizza. Do a Cheektowaga scream. Drive the Buick ta Europe. Have an outta-stomach experience. Hook a furball. Chuck up some New England clam chowder. Holler at the ants. Make us technicolor yodel. Spew a thunder-chunder rainbow parfait."

After the spatter of words back and forth, the battle commences but it's not Harley qho saves the day!

After the biological mom of the members of the gang realizes they went with Harley (thinking they were kidnapped) she swoops onto the boat and saves all the gang (including Haley) from the celestially seasick captain.

Harley gets a beating from mother hen, but it worked out in the end and Harley was invited to family Sunday dinner!

This book is jam packed with fun, fights, and witty humor!

Thanks for checking out my comic pick of the week!

As always, please check me out on instagram, tiktok, and facebook @sweetheart.harley.

This month I am raising money for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (navigate to Donate for more information!).

Until next time,

<3 sweetheart.harley

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