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Comic of The Week (Spooky Covers Edition)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I hope the first week of spooky season finds you well! This week I am starting a series of blog posts (that will be coming out every Sunday) that features a Harley Quinn comic of the week- and some back story about that comic! I hope you enjoy my selections!

Harley Quinn (2013 series) #21, Ryan Sook Variant Cover "Monsters of the Month"

Starting in 2013 - this cover belongs to the Harley Quinn's New 52 series by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. The cover variant was done by artist Ryan Sook and hit comic shelves October 14th, 2015.


Harley steals a gig that a bounty hunter was on- and goes to hunt down a woman named Sparrow in California. After handing some threats out to Nick Stanley- Harley finds her way to a spa (and hidden drug seller spot). Sparrow- who has been hooked on the drugs being sold- was extorting her own mother for money to buy more drugs. Harley brings in Sparrow's mother and walks her through a kindhearted approach to help her daughter before collecting her bounty and going on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Comic of the Week! Make sure to subscribe below to get updates on new posts and features (join my Harleyverse!).

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