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New York Fashion Week designer of unorthodox, sub-cultured and catalytic couture. Professional cosplayer, and a former tattoo artist and graphic designer, Middleton rose to autodidact sartorial prominence as the executive and aesthetic director for brands such as Sweetheart Harley and Dress for Dopamine.Middleton bridges the gap between fashion, costumes, mental health awareness, and gothic art under her couture company Haus of Harleen. She believes the most beautiful kind of art is raw, unapologetic, used as a coping mechanism, and tells a story: "you can see the darkest parts of someone through their work, but also an irreplaceable innocents that was broken while the shards remain." -Harleen Middleton
Harleen Middleton
CEO, Designer, Seamstress
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Kris Duncan is a highly skilled and passionate makeup artist with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry. Known for her artistry and attention to detail, Kris has built a reputation for her creativity and unique looks. Her expertise spans a variety of styles, from elegant bridal makeup to bold, avant-garde looks for fashion shoots as well as various styles of Special Effects.
Kris is a published MUA, has worked on various film projects,  and her work was shown on the models of Haus of Harleen at New York Fashion Week (Feb. '24).
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Kris Duncan
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