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Best Harley Shopping Online?!

Hello and happy Friday eve! Since we are swiftly approaching the holiday season (and some of us have already started decorating *cough* me *cough*) I have compiled a list of the BEST places to get your Harley fix (for yourself or someone else!). I hope you find this helpful and happy holiday shopping (the list is in no particular order).

  • First off we have the #1 shopping center online- the powerhouse that is Amazon! Amazon is great for shirts, comics, statues, mugs, and everything in-between! I've gotten several awesome Harley items on Amazon through the years!

  • Next up we have Etsy! Etsy is an independent seller marketplace for handmade or home made goods! I love supporting small buisness so I am constantly buying one of a kind or custom made Harley items here!

  • Next, we have Hot Topic! I am a little bias towards HT since I was a store manager there for over 5 years. They have TOP NOTCH quality for their products, although a little ore expensive. A lot of the time for their movie inspired fashion lines, the designers work directly with the movie costume designers so their replicas are as close to the original as you can get! They have hundreds of Harley products from shirts, to cosplay, to collectables!

  • Next up is Fun! I recently discovered this site, and lemme tell you- they have some of the most unique Harley merchandise I have ever seen (including Harley snow pants!? WHAT?!). The prices are extremely cheap here and their shipping is fairly quick! I highly recommend checking them out for a unique take on Harley items!

  • It wouldn't be a Harley shopping list without the OG, the one and only, the DC Entertainment shop! They have a lot of cool statues, mugs, and tees that go hand in hand with new Harley comics and shows!

  • Up next we have Spencer's gifts! Although a little bit pricey, they have some unique Harley cosplay items, bags/ purses, blankets, and cups!

  • Last but not least- is your local comic shops! Comic shops have TONS of comics, collectables, and even sometimes tees or limited edition merchandise! To find your closest comic shop-

Thank you for checking out my Harley Quinn shopping lists! I hope you find these helpful for the holiday season!

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Love always,

<3 Sweetheart.Harley


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