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Happy Valentines Day!

Hiya, Hello, and Good Day!

Whether you are in mad love or single as a dollar I am here to spread the love because "it is nice to play cupid ever once in a while" (Harley Quinn New 52 #3).

To celebrate I have a collection of some of my favorite harley quinn Valentines Day quotes for you!

  • “Face it Harls, this stinks. You’re a certified nutzo wanted by the law in two dozen states and hopelessly in love with a murderous, psychopathic clown.” (Mad Love 1993)

  • “I’ve always had this attraction for extreme personalities. They’re more exciting, more challenging…” (Mad Love 1993)

  • “…I had fallen in love with my patient.” (Mad Love 1993)

  • “My love for the Joker was stronger than their madhouse walls.” (Batman: Harley Quinn 1999)

  • “I loved you but you never cared! All you did was hurt me, throw me away and laugh at me! Now I’m gonna do the same to you!” (Batman: Harley Quinn 1999)

  • “Sometimes you do crazy things for love.” (Harley Quinn 2000 #1).

  • “When you gonna learn, Puddin.’ Love is never having to say you’re sorry!” (Harley Quinn 2000 #1)

  • “Love is a two-way street… sooner or later it tears you apart.” (Harley Quinn 2000 #2)

  • “A toast to this secluded and excluded penthouse where “the glove” conducted his business and courted the one and only love of his life! A love that cost him his entire empire.” (Harley Quinn 2000 #3)

  • “Like someone really famous once said- if you love somethin’ set it free… and if it don’t come back – track it down and kill it!” (Harley Quinn 2000 #4)

  • “…but because I love you doesn’t mean I belong with you” (Suicide Squad #15).

  • “Red is the color of broken things, but it is the color of desire as well. The color of love. It is the color of fear. It is the color of rage.” (#1 Stjepan Sejic)

  • “Ugg. Valentine’s day. An annual reminder of what I don’t have going on.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

  • “I miss my Puddin’ is all Bernie. Someone who love me for what I am.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

  • “I am so done with this romance crap.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

  • “I got all the unconditional love I need right here.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

  • “I think Valentine’s day is just about the meanest holiday there is.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

  • “If you don’t have a sweetie, then it just makes you feel bad. If you do have a sweetie, then you’re forced to put on this big performance, an’ go bankrupt while you’re at it, or you wind up in the doghouse.” (Harley Quinn New 52 #3)

It wouldn't be a Harley Valentines Day without some of the best comics!

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