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Halloween: Harley and Joker Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is upon us and while you try and find the perfect costume I have some makeup tutorials that might inspire you!

  • Before we get into the videos I have some exciting new announcements! I have taken over my podcast so it is officially 100% owned and produced by me! You can find it on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts or on this page here (click on the title to go to the page!)

  • Since I am now an official corporation, I created a Ko-Fi to not only sell products, but you can join my memberships with exclusive perks! You can follow my ko-fi here

Now into the spookiness!

Here is my tutorial for a Joker! You can use this as the base for a female, or male joker!

If you prefer Harley, I have a few different looks!

Want to be classic Harley Quinn!?

Or maybe you want to be the new suicide squad Harley?!

I hope you enjoyed the videos and they can help you gain inspiration for Halloween or everyday cosplay!

Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like the videos and make sure to check out my instagram/ titok/ facebook @sweetheart.harley

Love always,

Sweetheart Harley

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