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It's Been Crazy (-Sweetheart Harley)

Hey, Hi, Hello!

If you're new here, I am Harleen! I'm also known as Sweetheart Harley through my professional cosplay work and am the designer, seamstress, and one woman show behind the New York Fashion Week brand Dress for Dopamine!

If you are here from either of the sites you are most likely a bit confused. I have merged all my ventures under one big umbrella- Haus of Harleen! This includes Sweetheart Harley Inc., Harleen Makeup Inc., and Dress for Dopamine.

Same content coming at you but from a different email, however you can still email me at and!

I have had the busiest year (thus the lack of posts) and am trying to balance everything out!

All summer I was vending at the Albany Twilight Market and on top of that- working on commissions from YOU GUYS <3, prepping for a guest invite at Rock & Oddities, had some spectacular photoshoots with the extremely talented TM Williams Photography and Judy Lasher, and in September I made history at New York Fashion Week being the first individual cosplayer in history to be invited and showcase!

It's been crazy and busy and full of making dreams realities all while trying to cope with all my mental health issues.

The next process I am venturing on is to build out the actual Haus of Harleen with in-house models to walk in my February show! If you are interested please check out my events page and snag a ticket (NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!).

There is a lot more excitement to come this year so make sure to follow me on my instagrams for sweetheart harley and haus of harleen, as well as sign up for that newsletter!

Here are some images to recap the crazy year I've had so far!

Love always,