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Comic of The Week (Spooky Covers Edition)

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing fall weekend as we approach All Hollows Eve! This weeks Comic of The Week is taking a spooky turn as Harley turns into one of her beloved hyenas for this Monsters of the Month variant cover!

This weeks comic is the New 52 Harley Quinn #11 by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti and hit shelves December of 2014. This variant cover was done by Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe, and Nathan Fairbairn.

This issue is when we are first introduced to Power Girl in the Harley comic series!

WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Power Girl comes crashing down to earth and our favorite lady happens upon her in a massive landing crater. After the help of some team members (due to her extremely dense weight), Harley gets Power Girl to her apartment. It is discovered Power Girl lost her memory- so while she is knocked out still- Harley makes her first appearance in her beloved Harley Quinn Power Girl suit, and comes up with the plan that she is going to convince Power Girl they are a crime fighting duo!

Harley paints Power Girl as Betty Burns. By night fighting crime with Harley as Power Girl. By day- being a strong woman titled "The Bomb" in a local freak show.

Harley's first stop with the new Betty Burns is, of course, the mall for some shopping!

While enjoying a nice, well deserved meal, in the foot court danger swoops in and... you'll just have to read #12 to find out!

Thank you for checking out my Comic of the Week! I hope you enjoyed this weeks pick.

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<3 Sweetheart.Harley

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