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Hello and happy Sunday! We are coming up on Thanksgiving here in the US swiftly, so I hope you are all preparing for the feast!

This weeks Comic of The Week is Harley Quinn (2000) #26! This issue was released on November 13th, 2002 (it just passed the 18th birthday of this comic!). It was created by A.J. Lieberman, Mike Huddleston, and Troy Nixey (continue reading below image).

This issue takes us for a darker ride in the early days of Harley's history.

Spoiler Warnings of this issue ahead!

The comic opens up to our Clown Princess of Crime beat, and being suffocated in a bath of chemicals- this sends her spiraling into flashback memories and we find ourselves at Arkham Asylum.

We see how Dr. Harleen Quinzel was charmed by the Joker and aided him in his escape out of Arkham (right before he gives Harley a bouquet of flowers with a bomb in them, ready to explode on her).

In this rendition of Harley's origins, she gets caught and locked up in Arkham- but it turns out she was being kept in the Joker's old cell. Here- she creates and sews her own red and black suit (opposed to it usually being the Joker who gives it to her).

Turns out Harley robbed a place and killed a few guys (one ended up being a member of the GCPD). The comic ends as a SWAT team is right outside the Maiden of Mischief's apartment door...

What happens next? Only issue #27 will reveal the next chapter in this game of cat and mouse.

Thank you for checking our my Comic of The Week (I hope you enjoyed this weeks selection!) As always- please subscribe to the Harleyverse to never miss an update! There are forums where we discuss comics, collectables, and cosplays so head over there and get posting!

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Until next time,

<3 sweetheart.harley

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