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Comic of The Week

Good morning (or whatever hour you are reading this)! I hope you've had a spectacular week and are resting up for the next.

This weeks Comic of The Week is one of the most unique covers I've seen that incorporates old styles with new stories!

I now present... Batman '66: Night of the Harlequin! (continue below for more information!).

This comic is #62 in the Batman '66 series and was released for the month of September 2015. This spectacular roller derby Harley cover was done by Mike Allred.

SPOILER ALERT WARNING (synopsis below)

In this rendition of our clown princess of crime, her name is actually "Holly Quinn" and takes the alias of "Harlequin." She escapes the clutches of Batman and Robin and wreaks havoc all around Gotham. Harlequin needs her own group of henchmen, so she starts a brawl at a bar to see whose the toughest of the tough! The last 2 men standing get the job... BUT WAIT! it's actually the b-man and birdboy in disguise! They handcuff our beloved maiden of mischief and bring her back to Arkham where the story ends.

Thanks for checking out my Comic of The Week and I hope you enjoyed my selection! As always, please check me out @sweetheart.harley on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and now Youtube!

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Stay safe out there,

<3 Sweetheart.Harley

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