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Comic of the Week

Good day and happy November! This week brings about elections in the US, so this weeks Comic of the Week is showing us all who we need in office (obviously Harley Quinn!)

Harley Quinn Rebirth #30 hit shelves October 18th, 2017 and is by the dynamic duo Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti!

This is part 3 of "Vote Harley: Pollsters and Paramours."

Harley is making some questionable alliances as she runs for Mayor, and pummeling everything in her way (in classic Harley fashion.) Does Harley face victory? or defeat? Only checking out this 4 part series will tell!

Thank you for checking out my Comic of the Week! As always- be sure to check me out on instagram/tiktok/ facebook @sweetheart.harley.

This is a crazy week coming at us (in the US) so please remember to be kind, be patient, and let the little stuff go.

Love always,

<3 Sweetheart.Harley

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