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Where Can I Read Comics?

Hiya and happy Thursday! I hope this week is treatin' you well!

I get a lot of questions on where to read comics- so here it is! The complete guide on where, how, and when to read all your favorite series'!

1. I am a comic collector- so I love collecting the physical comic books and their variant art designs. If you want to get your hands on some of these, it's best to find your local comic shop (supporting your local comic shop helps keep them in business!). Comic shops are amazing because they have new comics, old comics, rare comics, and also tons of collectables and figures! A lot of comic shops also can set you up with a subscription box- this is so every month when a new series comes out that you want- they set your comics aside and you go to pick them up (I am a HUGE fan of this method and have had a comic sub box for over 10 years). Just a warning: collecting the individual copies is by far the most expensive route (especially if they are older comics or rare editions!)

To find your local comic shop check out

2. If you don't care about the individual comics and want to read them in a more book-style form: trade backs are the way to go! Trade backs are like an omnibus- or collection of multiple comics that you can get. These are fairly inexpensive- but can get pricey if you go for the hardcover editions or get a lot of them. They are usually around $16.99 and range anywhere from 4-12 comics in one book (although 5-6 is standard). These you can pick up at your local comic shop, amazon, Barnes and Noble, and even libraries have some!

3. If you already have access to a tablet, smartphone, or computer- digital comics are the easiest and cheapest way to go! My favorite comic reading app/ website is the DC Universe (soon to be DC Universe Infinite). This is run by DC Comics and for $7.99 a month it gives you access to all DC Comics that are older than 1 year (soon to change to 6 months). Another good option- if you are looking for more then just DC Comics- is Comixology (owned by Amazon). Comixology not only has DC Comics, but Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and even a TON of manga! Comixology is $5.99 a month for their "unlimited" plan which takes a percentage off books and gives access to digital sales and sometimes free comics- however you still have to pay for the comics on top of the monthly subscription (I used this to purchase Harley Quinn Black + White + Red).

I hope this helped you find ways to read all your favorite comics!

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Happy readings,

<3 Sweetheart.Harley


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