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Happy New Year (of The Villain)

2020 has been a wild ride to say the least, but it has also brought about some exciting news of what is to come in 2021!

In January we have Harley Quinn Future State (2 issues), then in March Harley picks up her new monthly series- Infinite Frontier!

Coming August 6th 2021 we have Suicide Squad 2 and fingers crossed for Harley Quinn Season 3 (no confirmed date for this).

Coming in 2022 we have the newest DC video game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League which I am personally very excited for!

Along with some snazzy new titles we still have our ongoing series of Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey, Batman Presents Harley Quinn White Knight, and Joker/ Harley Criminal Sanity (for a list of currently running Harley Quinn series, go here.


As far as my cosplay plans for 2021 go- lets just say I am currently working on 4 different Harley cosplays at the same time! I am extremely excited to continue to grow my cosplay collection with new concepts and creations, as well as some iconic comic reference looks!

We are all patiently awaiting for conventions to open up again and be safe to go to, so think positively and wear a mask/ wash your hands so we can have a blast of a year!


Here's a quick read for New Years to get you into the celebrating spirit!

Harley Quinn Villain of the Year #1 by Mark Russell and Mark Norton (Cover art by Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts), released on December 12th, 2019.

In 2019, DC Comics had fans vote for their favorite villains, and BAM! Our Maiden of Mischief earned herself a spot on that list!

This comic is a fun spin on an award show, where Harley is the hostest with the mostest and presents awards for original categories like "best bird-themed villain" and "best face-eater."

Thank you for an amazing year, and I have some amazing plans for 2021 comin at'cha! Subscribe to the Harleyverse down below, and as always, check me out on instagram, tiktok, youtube, patreon, and facebook @sweetheart.harley.

Have a safe and happy new years,

<3 Sweetheart Harley

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