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Holiday Shopping Guide!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021


Ready to shop for the holidays? We'll I've got you covered with my all inclusive holiday guide to get the best Harley Quinn products for your family, friends, that special someone, or yourself!

First up we have my shop with some great discounts! Everything is 10% off using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2021 and prints are buy one get one free with code BOGOPRINT through November 30th! (Make sure to check shipping times, some items are custom order and will not arrive before xmas).

You can visit my shop here:

Next up we have a 2022 gift- Harleen Makeup! Please pre-order these or contribute in anyway you can so we can have a successful Kickstarter!!

Get a FREE HOODIE until 11/29/2021 with any Harleen Makeup preorder or donation of $30 or more!

Now into the other merchandise (split into gifts and stocking stuffers!)!


Let's start with some statues!

To see more statues follow this friendly link here:

On to Stocking Stuffers!

Happy shopping my friends!

Love always,

Sweetheart Harley

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