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March: Celebrate Harley Quinn and the Women who Came Before

Happy March!

This month is National Women's History Month, and being a female who cosplays Harley Quinn, women's rights have come a long way.

  • In the 1840's women activists enacted the Suffrage Movement by hunger strikes, protests, and risked being arrested. Their movement led to women gaining the right to vote in the 1920's and adopting the term feminism.

  • In the 1970's the Liberation Movement started from radical feminists demanding equal human rights for all people.

  • In 2017, over 5 million people marched across the globe to support the Women's March that fought for women's reproductive rights, gender equality, and racial equality.

Women first appeared in the role of superhero's in the 1940's with Betsy Ross, Black Widow, Red Tornado, Black Cat, Phantom Lady, Miss Fury, Fantomah, The Woman in Red, Lady Luck, and one of the most notorious women superhero's; Wonder Woman.

Selena Kyle, also known as Cat Woman was the first female comic villain to make an appearance in 1940 which paved the way for women to play the role of the villain. Another notorious crime villain is Poison Ivy, first appearing in 1966, and in 1992 the world laid eyes upon Harley Quinn.

Without these early renditions of women having a place in comics who knows what would have been the existence of Harley Quinn!

To celebrate Women's History Month, 10% of all proceeds from my Sweetheart Harley shop and Harleen Makeup store will be going to Planned Parenthood.

Sweetheart Harley Shop:

No purchase? No problem! You can donate safely and securely with any amount here:

Planned Parenthood was created in 1917 and their mission has always been to ensure everyone has access to healthcare and educational resources to make decisions about their own bodies. Planned Parenthood operates in over 600 health locations including headquarters in the U.S, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Peru, Uganda, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico, and Senegal. They partner with over 70 different organizations across to the globe to provide services to under resourced and under served communities all while being a force against government policies that attempt to control the reproductive systems of women.

In the last 5 years alone, they enacted their movement It's Illegal in Ecuador, and they overturned government policy that said only woman who have been raped and have a mental illness can have an abortion.

Planned Parenthood is not just health care and advocates against government injustices. They also provide support to the LGBTQ+ community, help those struggling with gender identity, educate and offer support and resource's to get tested for multiple kinds of cancer, assist in relationships whether that be counseling or protection, educate about sexual assault and have resources available for anyone who has been assaulted or raped, and test for STD's while providing medical help if positive for diseases like HPV, Herpes, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, and many more. For more information check out their website at:

Every month I will be donating 10% of all sales to different organizations so make sure to sign up to on the mailing list to stay updated!

Love always,

Sweetheart Harley

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