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Harley Bomb Prop

Good morning and happy Friday (unless you're looking at this and it is not Friday- the happy whatever day it is!). Today I am going to share with you how I made my oversized Harley cosplay bomb prop (I am also selling these in my shop).

First let's go through what you're going to need:

1. Christmas ornament (8')

2. Black and White Acrylic Paint

3. Plastic bottle cap

4. Parachute cord or yarn

5. High Gloss Varnish (I use Liquitex)

6. Hot glue gun

7. Paint Brush

8. Exacto Knife or Box Cutter

I also made a smaller sized prop using

a 4' Christmas ornament!

Step 1:

The first thing I did was coat the ornament in white acrylic paint- So i would have a matte plain color to work on.

Step 2:

After the white dried completely, I started adding the black- I did 2 layers of the black (make sure to let the paint dry COMPLETELY before adding another coat! If you add too much before it dries- it will start peeling up the white undercoat).

Step 3:

After all the paint layers dried- I added on 2 coats of Liquitex high gloss varnish to make it shiny and protect the paint from chipping (again- make sure to let the coats of varnish dry between applications).

Step 4:

After the varnish dries completely- I used pliers to take off the ornament holder on top to make a spot for the fuse (we will make this in the next steps).

Step 5:

To make the fuse topper- take the bottle cap and create a hole in the top using the box cutter or exacto knife (please be gentle and do this SAFETLY and CAREFULLY! if you are a child- get an adults help for this part!).

Step 6:

Cut off a piece of parachute rope (or yarn) around 5 inches long (it can be longer

or shorter- whatever length you prefer).

Step 7:

Tie a knot on one end of rope- if you used parachute rope you may notice it frays at the end. To fix this- take a small flame (lighter) and gently heat one end- you will notice the frays come together and harden a little bit (again- please be careful and if you are a kid ask an adult to do this part!).

Step 8:

Once your rope is done- thread it through the cap so the knot is under the cap and all you can see is the frayed end sticking out of the top (like a fuse!). Put some hot glue on the inside of the cap where the knot is to make sure it doesn't come untied or get loose!

Step 9:

After completing the topper- using hot glue- attach it to the top of your ornament (where the ornament topper was previously. Once the fuse cap is on secure you're done! Enjoy your new bomb cosplay prop!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial and I hope it helped you out (make sure to tag me in your prop if you make one so I can see it!)

I am selling these bomb props in my store with fully custom options so feel free to check that out and maybe order one! <3

To never miss an update subscribe and join my Harleyverse down below, and as always you can check me out @sweetheart.harley on instagram and tiktok.

Until next time,

<3 sweetheart.harley

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