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Exclusive Sneak Peek

These past few weeks have been crazy for me with 15 hour work days 7-days a week! I hope your start to November is going amazing and not as busy!

Harleen Makeup is LIVE so you can go and get all your preorders (this guarantees you get the product before anyone else!).

If you are not a makeup fan you can donate directly, or choose the $5 donation and add on an exclusive limited edition tee! (the makeup also makes the PERFECT holiday gift for 2022!)

Here is an exclusive look at the shirt that is only available during the kickstarter!

Join the discussion about what colors or products you want to see here (and please upvote yo' gurl!) You can do it here (points below)

<----- click this to upvote!!

Or here!

Or you can also go here to help support me with exposure in Project Hunt !!

I have spent the last week just trying to get as much exposure as possible for this project so please, if you can't buy anything- share it, post it on your social media accounts, send it to your friends. Every single little bit of sharing goes such a long way.

Thank you for supporting me and I hope you will continue to through this adventure!

Love always,

Sweetheart Harley

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