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Bernie The Beaver (NO SEW cosplay prop)

While watching Birds of Prey there was one of two things that crossed your mind as a certain character emerged: "WTF is that" or "HOLYGUACAMOLEY its Bernie The Beaver!" Needless to say- when Bernie made his guest appearance in Harley's newest movie venture I was shocked, sweaty, and filled with joy.

Incase you don't know who this iconic character is, I'm going to give you a little backstory! He made his first appearance in the Harley Quinn New 52 series who talks to Harley, gives her questionable guidance, and supports her ambitions (no one else can hear Bernie besides Harley- it could be her imagination or a side effect of getting thrown into chemicals).

In his comic appearance he was a taxidermy- half skeleton rotting little guy- but in the movie he got a makeover with some cute accessories!

Now that we have some backstory of this little guy- I'm going to show you how I made him!

This is a NO SEW process so you do not need to know how to sew or sewing construction.


  1. Pink tulle (link below to the one I used)

  2. Cutting tool (scissors or fabric rotary)

  3. Piece of scrap fabric around 12-14 inches

  4. Beaver plush (exact one I got link below)

Beaver Link:


Step 1:

First thing to do is start cutting out strips of the tulle: I did not measure these exactly- just eyeballed the length. You want to cut them around 8 inches long- and cut a LOT of them because we are going to need them! Below is what the pile should look like- notice as how some of them are longer or shorter- this is fine (it does not have to be exact!)

Step 2:

Next- start knotting the tool around your strip of fabric (tying it in single or double knots TIGHTLY and close together- I used single knots). You are going to repeat this process until the strand is full of tool and can wrap around Bernie fully. It might look a little bit wonky at first- but the more strips you add on the more it will come to life!

Step 3:

Once your tutu can fully wrap around the beaver plush- tie it on (tight!).

That's it! Now time to enjoy your new Bernie the Beaver!! Feel free to add some additional accessories like a pearl necklace or Harley accessories!

Tag me in your posts online if you follow my tutorial!

You can find me on tiktok, instagram, and facebook @sweetheart.harley!

I look forward to seeing your Bernie's!!


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